TR Chem Solutions, LLC
      TR Chem Solutions, LLC      
TR Chem Solutions, LLC creates new products and solutions through chemical innovation.
We draw upon over 25 years of experience to develop the best products to meet and exceed your expectations. Also, we have access to leading suppliers and toll producers to provide high performance
quality products. We
 look forward to working with you to earn your trust and confidence in TR Chem Solutions, LLC to deliver products that perform exceptionally well in your applications.

Product Lines

  • Silicone Fluids
  • Specialty Silicone additives for Auto Care Polishes
  • Silicone Mold Release Additives
  • Industrial Silicone Emulsions and Antifoams
  • Industrial Organic Based Antifoams
  • Food Grade Silicone Emulsions and Antifoams
  • Food Grade Antifoams (Hybrids of Silicone and Non-Silicone)
  • Food Grade Non-Silicone Antifoams
  • Silicone/Organic Lubricants (Food Grade and Industrial)
  • Animal Feed Approved Defoamers 

Contact Information
Tom Rissmann
Phone: 847-445-5752
Fax: Available upon request

5250 Grand Avenue, Suite 14-118
Gurnee, IL 60031

To place orders please use this e-mail address:


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